We stand with Ukraine 


Little did you know that the origins of LOONEY INVADERS basis to the year 2014. Frustrated by the Crimea invasion and lack of intervention by parties who could have made difference, we decided act differently and show our love and support to Ukraine instead of being bystanders. Year by year our mission has become more self-evident. -we all should show according to the power vested in us to stop this madness. While saying that, we all know that plain judging does not make any difference. Thus, we are pleased to announce that 50 % of the profit generated by LOONEY INVADERS will be given to charities dedicated to help Ukraine. 


LOONEY INVADERS now available in Google Play Store

LOONEY INVADERS -The ultimate entertainer soon available in Apple’s App store and in Google play store


LOONEY INVADERS is free-to-play & free-to-win mobile game where your have chance to earn valuable silver bars without spending money.* This is your chance to be like pro: Earn money while playing games!!! Sounds looney, doesn’t it? well that is the name of the game and here is the background story of it:


The world is in big trouble. innocent countries around the world are under attacks by LOONEY INVADERS.

Your mission is to save the countries and defeat LOONEY INVADERS one by one to secure world peace.


The mission will be tough, no question about it, but you have perfect upgradable weaponry for the duty.

Follow your progress in LOONEY INVADERS’ global leaderboard while defending the invaders and unlocking 3D printable rewards.


On top, reaching to top 3 positions in a day, week and month category in any given time is automatically rewarded generously with game credits.


Moreover, by joining our tournaments held on monthly bases you can make the competition about rankings in global leaderboards even more exciting, since top-seeded players of every single tournament are rewarded with valuable genuine silver bars weighing 1000g and 250g and having 999,9 permille purity.*

LOONEY INVADERS is packed full of unique features to improve and intensify the gameplay and take your experience to the max.


You can for example select between two completely different high-quality worlds of music & sound, both carrying you seamlessly through the whole game.


You can also switch between two completely different types of battleground themes, both spiced up with hidden fact-based details. can you discover all the cool facts?

Do you think you have what it takes to be #1 in the word?


Accept the challenge, save the world, and earn rewards with real world value!* You have nothing to lose except the world…

LOONEY INVADERS is an empty-headed, light-minded, tongue-in-cheek mobile game application, which is made to cheer you up, give you joyful moments, and make your day a little bit better.


LOONEY INVADERS is by no means meant to insult, harm, disrespect, or dishonor anyone. Nevertheless, if you feel these kinds of symptoms while playing the game, we kindly suggest you not to use our game application.


LOONEY INVADERS is a 100 % free game (free-to-play & free-to-win), and the development process of our current and future services is funded only by in-app purchases and advertisements displayed in this application.


As we are poor, no-name game developers and want to spice up your days now and in the future, we kindly ask you to take a look at some of the brilliant advertisements displayed in this game application every once in a while. That will keep us rolling.


Also, if you like our game and consider it worth sharing, please share it on your social medial network. All your efforts in spreading the word about the game and keeping it alive are highly appreciated!






* We honor the gambling policies of Google Inc., Apple Inc., and such companies, which implicitly do not allow skill games to offer prizes of cash or other value. Thus, apart from ecosystems of Google Inc., Apple Inc. and such companies SIN & REMORSE Oy organizes and supervises monthly held tournaments, where winners are rewarded generously with valuable investment grade silver bars entirely by itself. These tournaments are free to join, free to play and free to win, therefore we hope you join them. Read more about our tournaments behind this link